Import Market

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, this is Venice-like city featuring a rudimentary "hydro-arcane power" - useful magic generated by the kinetic energy of the surrounding waterfalls. This, in addition to its strategic trading location, has made the city very wealthy.

The main building in this scene sports a marketplace, where citizens can purchase luxury goods with prices unaffected by tariffs. (This is due to a legal loophole, whereas the building is considered an island not directly part of the main city.)

Small cargo and bus-like boats are pulled along elevated waterways, and denizens could easily spend most of their time on the city's rooftops.

I also will be sending this to Wizards of the Coast with the intention of getting MTG card work, preferably land cards! If it were a card, it would be a blue/white land card with the ability to convert an island card into ANY two lands when tapped. Either that, or a commerce ability that allows the owner to "buy" a player's opposing artifacts, paid by discarding a land or two.